negative effects leading to delayed legalization updates for North America

The countries which have legalized the use of Cannabis have been able to base their arguments on the health and recreational sector. In the recreational sector, the use of Cannabis is highly recognized as a great way of bonding with a friend well, which may lead to peer growth through the sharing of ideas freely. This is because Cannabis heightens the individual’s ability to think and also be able to feel clear when well relaxed. Despite the positive effects of Cannabis, there are also adverse effects. Most people in America are said to be using Cannabis, and only fewer people left with a clear conscious that despite the great results which it may have, they are not willing to use it for any purposes. The government is also very reluctant to give the Cannabis legalization updates for North America because of the high rate of benefits which it is getting from the dealers who are selling illegal Cannabis. This is because when a person who is dealing with Cannabis is caught, the charges are very high, which cannot even be compared with the low cost, which will be charged in case of legalization. Making the illegalization updates would also be unfair to the majority of people who are in a great support of its Cannabis legalization. The following are the adverse effects leading to delayed legalization updates for North America;

Memory problem- use of Cannabis is apparent that it affects the people’s short term memory. Considering the developments which are yet to be made and the time which will be spent taking Cannabis and waiting to regain the mind is too long that the lawmakers cannot put considerations too. The learners who are still in school may become less functional when handling the learning activities hence leading to poor health and low standards of living.

High level of Distrust, fear, and anxiety- use of Cannabis impairs a person’s brain activities, which may cause fear, anxiety, and Distrust. It leads to hallucinations, which may lead to a poor relationship with either the citizens and the government, government, and the government, or even among the citizens, due to the high level of Distrust.

 Negative psychology and physical effects- Cannabis has a powerful component, which is known as THC, which usually leads to an inability to walk, drive or even talk, and can be severe and cause impaired balance, slow reactions, and also poor coordination. In case of such happenings, the lawmakers would be responsible for their own decisions.

Legalization would cause depression and psychosis- if Cannabis is legalized, there are many people who would misuse it by taking it more frequently. This would lead to an increased number of people, especially the ones who may have a history of mental illness in their families. Continuous use of Cannabis can also cause delusions as well as the loss of your own identity, due to being addicted to the use of large usage 

In conclusion, adolescent access can also be very easy, and therefore the federal government has to delay the decision process so that it would take the interest of every citizen.

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