Cannabis Usage During Corona Virus

                 If smokers of cannabis do not handle themselves with utter care, they are at a higher risk of contracting the Corona virus during this pandemic. The cannabis community has to be very careful during this period. If possible, more careful than the rest of the community. This is because the cannabis usage during corona virus exposes them to a higher risk as compared to those people who do not use cannabis.

Here’s some of the ways that cannabis users can minimize the risk of getting the corona virus;

  • Avoid sharing of mouthpieces and joints The puff and pass culture by the cannabis community gives them some kind of pleasure in the usage. However, this creates an excellent way of passing the virus from one person to another. Mouthpieces can still carry the virus even after they have been sanitized. Therefore, to minimize on the risk of contracting the virus, cannabis users have to use their own mouthpieces and joints.
  • If tested positive with the virus, stop smoking Smoking affects the respiratory system and so does the COVID-19 virus. With both the virus and smoking weakening your lungs, you have minimal survival chances compared to a non-smoker. Even being affected by the corona virus mildly could affect a smoker more than a non-smoker.
  • Self-isolation It is quite important to practice social distancing during this pandemic. Although cannabis Kush vape pen users do enjoy spending most of their time with each other in their joint circles, isolate yourself during this period. Self-isolation is not only for infected personnel but also those who are not infected with the virus. COVID-19 may not be an airborne virus but if within less than 6 feet with an infected person, the chances of getting the virus are higher. This is given the fact that sneezing or coughing are some of the symptoms of the virus. The use of public transport and public gatherings should also be reduced.
  • Thorough hand washing Washing your hands thoroughly, that is for at least 20 second plays a huge role in minimizing the chances of contracting the corona virus. This is especially if you have been in contact with an infected person or a person who has been in a high-risk area. Washing of the hands is to be done with soap or sanitizer.
  • Do not fall for the hype of the corona virus remedies With every epidemic or pandemic comes rumors of its prevention or cure and COVID-19 has not been any different. Multiple unproven cases have already been heard of. These outlandish claims may include the use of cannabis.

Most importantly cannabis smokers should understand that if sick no matter how mild, one needs to quarantine himself to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus.