New Method of Cooking with Cannabis

When someone thinks of cannabis, chances are what clicks in their minds the smoking experience. However, there is a more advanced look in the experience where a new upcoming method of consuming the weed by cooking has been discovered. 

Cannabis is not water soluble and therefore infusing it with oil and using for frying recipes in the kitchen is a possibility and a brilliant idea. 

Cannabis infused with oil is usually the most versatile medium and a great stage to start. The cannabis infused oil can be used for baking desserts, frying eggs or putting in your salad dressings. Many oils work well with baking too. 

It is of Paramount importance to always make the choice of an oil that will have the preferred flavor and consistency that will work for a wide variety of recipes. 

Among the methods if cooking with cannabis includes the infusion of a preferred oil choice and the cannabis. 

In order to process the cannabis infusion for cooking, the weed plant is dried in a hot air oven or its flowers. The drying temperature is set at 118 degrees Celsius or 225 degrees Fahrenheit on the hot air oven. Once the weed is dry, grind by use of a hand grinder. The entire plant or the flowers are ground depending on preference. 

The cannabis should not be ground into fine powder. The food processor is preferred to attain this texture. 

Combine oil and cannabis in a ratio of two is to one. That is to say, two parts of oil mix with one part of the dried cannabis. Warm this mixture on a low heat for a few hours to allow decarboxylation Best Kind of Delivery 

A small amount of water can always be added to the mixture to avoid burning. The water should never exceed 245 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The simplest method of preparing cannabis oil is the saucepan method. 

In this method, the oil and cannabis is heated in a simple saucepan on low heat for at least three hours stirring frequently. Strain with a strainer or cheese cloth and use the oil for cooking or store it. While straining, be careful not to squeeze the cheese cloth to prevent adding chlorophyll to your oil. 

Discard the remaining plant material. 

The shelf life of this oil is at least two months and this duration can be extended by refrigeration. The oil should be stored properly in a container with air tight lid since the oil will lose potency when exposed to air. 

While cooking with cannabis infusion of oil you should make sure the dosage is correct so that your meal may be delicious and enjoyable altogether. 

So as to get to cook with cannabis oil, you need to find a favorite recipe with which you can have the experience and fun of cooking with cannabis oil. 

Cooking with cannabis is a method that is also recommended for treatment of variety of sicknesses including chronic pain, muscle pains and even childhood epileptic episodes. It is a full package of fun and health benefit cooking with cannabis.