Differences and effects of sativa and indica

Recently cannabis has been legalized in many countries and there are indications that many countries are heading in the same direction. It is therefore important for people to understand various features of it including positive and negative effects. It has been found that of sativa and indica cannabis are used for both recreation and medicinal purposes.

There are slight differences in sativa and Indica Cannabis effects. It also serves different purposes.

In this article therefore we are going to major on these two varieties these are indica and sativa varieties.

Differences between sativa and indica cannabis 

Physical differences

Sativa: They are skinny, light green, leafy tall and slim plants.

Indica: They are bushy, broad, short dark green-plants.

Preferred time used

Sativa is presumed to be most effective when it is used during the day, as it is used for stimulation while indica is considered to be most effective during night for relaxing

Their Uses

Sativa is used to boost energy, easing depression and focus increment

Indica act as sedative, relieves pain and stimulates appetite

Cannabinoids levels

Sativa has high content in Cannabinoids (CBD) levels while indica has high level in THC

These two chemicals are the ones that can help us identify the two varieties and also why they are used for the purposes discussed. Example there is a believed ‘highness’ when a person uses cannabis this because of THC that has psychoactive properties.

 Cannabis strains with high content of THC may be used for the purposes of helping people with pain, lack of sleep, (insomnia) and depression. It may also cause anxiety in rare cases. While marijuana with high content in CBD is prescribed to be helpful in addressing anxiety and psychologically based issues.it also affects the mood.it also acts as stimulants in small doses.

Sativa and indica cannabis effects

Effects of cannabis can be positive or negative can be long term or short term:


Health effects

Addiction. It is a long-term effect. A person who uses cannabis may fail to stop it after continuously using it for a period of time and this is a risk disorder. Addiction may be indicated by behaviors such using more than intended and spending a lot of time taking cannabis

Cannabis users may also have the following long-term effects.

Energy loss, short term memory, reduced sperm count in men, delayed periods in women, higher risk of lung, head, and throat cancer.

Psychological effects

Hallucinations. This is a long-term sativa and indica effects.  A person may experience unusual distortion of things such as sizes, sounds, colour and other things that are not real.

It alters brain functioning such as memory, the way a person perceives things, mood and behavior.

They give a feeling of ‘highness’ to the user due to the presence of high THC.

Psychological sativa and indica effects can also include, having short memory, learning problems, anxiety, panicking and lack of concentration.

Positive effects may be drawn from its medicinal value.

Such as curing disease such as asthma, depression, cancer, migraine, glaucoma, anorexia in conditions prescribed.

In conclusion, there are not many differences in the uses of both sativa and indica. Their benefits and harm depend on how the user uses them. It is therefore the responsibility of one to understand the harm and adhere to the conditions provided when using it.

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